Front Page [info] [diff] [login] [recent changes] [most popular]. It’s also possible to use Kexi 1. To install it, use the following command, before running emerge:. See what’s new in mdbtools: I tried that first.

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MDB (MS Access file) Driver

As for the import, what are you trying to import. Front Page [info] [diff] [login] kdb changes] [most popular]. I had to rewrite the queries and rebuild the forms but that wasn’t really as bad as it sounds and not much different from doing it the first time in Access. I would also use Open Office’s database program as it is more compatible with access from what I have read.

Any suggestions are welcome to get kexi to do the next step. This allows to import, e.

Example fragment of a query design listing inserted tables:. I’m trying to find out what is possible It sounds as if you are trying to convert the whole database from access into another program kexi or OO Base.

I’m busy allocating more space to my Ubuntu partition in order to do so. There is undocumented feature in MSA allowing to import and export full definition of a single object to a file.


[ubuntu] MDB Import in Kexi – not working. [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

I have not tried it myself but it is doubtful you can do that and have it all work. This will create a tarball in a new directory called keximdb-tmp. Any changes you were to make via open office could make for a terrible mess. KexiDB driver is planned first, read-only versions will be developed. This should simplify writing other drivers to be developed outside KexiDB, and result in configure tests that can be reused in other projects that need to use KexiDB.

MDB (MS Access file) Driver Development

Kexi – “MS Access for Linux” I think I have to kiss that one good bye for the time being and make my peace with VirtualBox. As I understand from reading their FAQ some things are not fully implemented yet, as in: Front Page [info] [diff] [login] [recent changes] [most popular].

Then, Import Wizard on importing gets this option from a user the default is equal to ANSI code for current “system locale”. You can donate to Kexi Project: I tried that first.

Rapid Database Application Development. Here on the floor, however, I am only the creator of the database. I desperately needed to rebuild an Access db after I accidentally overwrote my windows partition small loss, the only real reason to keep it mb an Access db which I had backed up onto a flash drive Kexi ultimately proved to be unsatisfactory and I ended up installing mdbtools: What are you trying to do?


Proposed solution is to turn our forces to improve migration tools using Kexi migration API and tools. Spread the word about Kexi! What’s wrong with in-place read-write accessing.

Currently, importing table schemas and data is supported using import driver MS Access data types are carefully mapped to Kexi data types from. Updated kexi only a few days behind releases. I believe it will open mdb files as it is. Maybe play with a copy of the database to see what you could work out, but I think, unless you want to migrate it to a MySQL database or move everyone to OpenOffice there is a windows version. And I agree with you, never give in If kexk, how feature-rich is this module?