IgorEE 4 Now my edison shows the following behavior: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Reprogramming the ethernet chip lan Thu Jul 05, I also know how to compile a simple driver I have not tested to compile the smsc95xx yet.

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usb – Disable LAN – Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange

I have to cross-check again all connections. Email Required, but never shown. This content has been marked as final. Schematic of LAN here: AndyP Yes I solved the problem – added the solution below as an asnwer.

It seems that this error is realted to the fact that my lan95xx is currently not identified as USB controller. If it can its a bonus. The layer stackup is TOP, inner signal, inner gnd, bottom, and the parts of the board of concern are attached.

Alternativly, I have my own okpk repository where I build the drivers as modules instead and add with “opkg install kernel-module-smsc95xx”. Sign up using Facebook.

Attached are LAN schematic page, board layout, dmesg log on the rapsberry pi boot-up, and voltages as measured on my board and on a working model B. Please have a look what happens when I am booting my edison: I found that Stretch uses a very old version from 1. The test has been running along a week and reported loops without errors on raspbian and loops on raspbian I then put this into an SH file that looped and it lasted more than 10 times without needing to be rebooted.


The smsc95xx driver and all other drivers that I am looking at seems like dead code that no one is calling.

SMSC LAN — Embedded Xinu master documentation

Here are a few notes: The purpose of the first one is to test disabling through software feature. The device will not accept USB transactions from the Host until this process is completed. Go to original post.

After disabling it, the raspberry pi goes extremly slow reporting a load average up to 4. On my script I rebooted every time only if the keyboard liux working, because just before rebooting I tried to kill manually the script.

CONFIG_USB_NET_SMSC95XX: SMSC LAN95XX based USB 2.0 10/100 ethernet devices

Lann9512 the ethernet chip lan Fri Feb 24, 7: Third question How did you get lsusb running? Reprogramming the ethernet chip lan Thu Mar 23, 1: The datasheet for the Lan can be found here: I would expect I would get some errors and all kinds of erratic behaviour if that was the case?


How Raspberry Pi drivers lsn9512 developped, how do people test them? If not, then the test succeed. I have made a couple of scripts to test it.

I then turned it back on by echoing 1 to the bus power and running the network start command. Lniux the ethernet chip lan Fri Feb 24, 9: Software Engineer at Raspberry Pi Trading. It says here http: Working driver The Lan is supported by the smsc95xx driver. Please type your message and try again.