I will email for further assistance when in need. Does anyone know what needs repair? I put 4 on the switch selector, and found that it wouldn’t print the correct PDF doc out from Windows. HP toner cartridges tend to be a bit cheaper cost per page than other brands. What would likely be the problem? If you want I can send it to you; just need your e-mail address. There is a cross reference in the site reference section that shows all the models that use this engine.

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I connect my delect reliable Apple LaserWriter Select to a single XP computer via parrallel port, and when I tried to print, the green light keeps blinking and it never prints anything. Re manual feed – mine wont either – sorry cant help there! But it takes lots of patience and exactness to take it apart and analyse where the problem is.

Yes, that’s right, klutzy ol’ me actually and successfully repaired a real-life and year-old laser printer! I checked the manual already, but still confused me.

I have a Service Manual in PDF format for the which will explain how to take it apart and clean or repair it. But the Samsung and Brother brands are also cheap.


LaserWriter Select Technical Specifications

It always prints out a demo page once you power it laserriter. They’re almost the cost of the printer. The bottom tray was stuck. If you want I can send it to you; just need your e-mail address. If you must pull the tray, put it on a table, give it a firm hug with your weak hand and pull as hard as you can on the tray with your strong hand.

I understand your dismay, but that wasn’t a very great printer when it was new. Hi Chris Could you check that link farrer. Like has been mentioned before, pull back on the drum shutter and you’ll see a smattering of toner. First of all, I’m using this printer on WindowsXP platform. If I install more memory will it sleect faster and will spooling be faster or slower?

Basically, the printer works laserwiter. Jack, check above for Brad’s post. And the request for a place to get new rollers is a good one Hi Allan- thanks for the feedback- it is all helpful- here is a link to a great collection of Apple “Service Source” manuals- farrer.

Many thanks – Jolly. It’s the large board on top of the printer that has the output connectors at the back. When i turn on my Apple LaserWriterit warms up for quite some time, the the ‘paper out’ light starts to flash As you probably noticed, the old lamp was discolored.


I’ve tried cleaning all the rollers but the problem is still there. What number do you have the button on the back f the printer set at? I have deduced laserriter it must be done through the Apple Utilities program,but am unaware of where to go to download it.

It should give you the same indication that you got when it burned out.

LaserWriter Select 360:Technical Specifications

Whoever wrote that official service manual probably never worked on a printer in his life. How did you disable the start test printing?

Any thoughts or suggestions to fix this problem would be welcome. I can print sheets and then I get a paper jam loading from the cassette before printing, not after.

Apple LaserWriter Select | FixYourOwnPrinter

Sounds daunting and fun. The image quality won’t be as good, but it’s not noticeable if you’re using text. There is no way to make it go any faster.