Thanks to reader Mike Reynolds. He or she then simply did the copy and paste routine, followed by the find and replace process to change the model name, screen size, etc but forgot to edit the hard disk part. Similar Threads Screen resolutions. This pair of headphones comes designed with noise-isolation that maximizes sonic clarity. If they don’t allow credit card payments, then I would suggest going elsewhere.

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You know, sacrifice a bit of corporate image to keep the cash flow going. A few issues with this method. It simply does not make any economic sense for Asus to be releasing new previously un-announced models so soon even as it has a difficult time filling the demand for the original models. The handy power adapter provides various power code specifications for different countries.

Asus dropped hard disk from Ee Posted by xujiren at 4: You, with the screwdriver in your hand, please feel free to download as many copies of Ubuntu as you want. Photo above shows the very first customer.

For the complete list, check out Businesswire. Negroponte’s ambitious plan has been derailed, in part, by the power of his idea.

From what I know Intel had stopped production for quite sometime already. Posted by xujiren at 5: Sincerely sorry for bringing you any trouble and inconvenience! Video alzertags VIA Nanobook. It lists for USD In fact, Asus projects the Eee PC will become its second most significant revenue source by next year, next only to its motherboard line.


In fact, Asus has responded by announcing XP-based models albeit at higher prices.

eeePC inverse video scaling | Hackaday

BTW, I think a picture of Mini-me would have been more appropriate. The Wall Street Journal has published a lengthy article on how and why Nicholas Negroponte’s One Laptop Per Child Foundation efforts to close the digital divide between the rich countries and the Third World ran into serious obstacles.

You just have to click as far away laertags from the center as possible. Sep 15, Messages: So are some games and applications like the Ebook and World Clock. Did you try Astray?

eeePC inverse video scaling

Microsoft will either re-release Windows XP or come up with a new Windows variant that will require significant less resources. A iefd and high dpi resolution optical mouse that is the perfect portable companion for convenient input.

Surprisingly, after providing the figures, the same article ends with the statement “But given that Asus Eee PC now has relatively low-performance hardware amid simplistic operating system, its success is not inevitable even despite of the low laaertags For those interested in just what kind of competition is in store for the Eee PC over in Japan you can check out Dynamism’s website.

If they take out the SSD card, then their unit won’t have any memory storage at all. Intel has repeatedly denied the charges, even as it continued to sell to Third Word countries, specifically to educational projects.


I have tried with the following methods: However, given that much rumors and contradictory reports have surrounded the Asus Eee PC’s introduction, I would not take the report as gospel truth at this time, especially since it does not jive with the previous announcements of 2nd generation models in April.

Original article has links to a video clip and previews as well. Why do I always get the feeling whenever I visit Asus’ Eee PC website lazegtags above I seem to have stumbled onto a parked site with PPC pay per click links – you know, those parked domains with names that are either generic in nature or variations of commonly mistyped website names, and which usually do not contain anything but listings of links to other related sites.

And as a bonus, it comes with the best tagline for a Ubuntu distro -heck, for any OS for that matter I have lazettags so far – “… because life is too short to spend all day looking for help in a forum.

Recent trends actually have websites dropping support for this resolution even if they have been developed to be fluid and adjustable.