The Lenovo Limited Warranty applies only to Lenovo hardware products purchased for your own use, and does not transfer upon resale. Other company, product or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. That’s about points below the X, which features a faster processor, but approximately points higher than the category average, and about points higher than the X Tablet. Of course, if you have poor vision the smaller text and icon sizes that come with the higher resolution might be a problem. Unlike the X, the Xs lacks a touchpad; we had to make do with just the TrackPoint, but we became acclimated to the responsive stick within a few minutes. Above that they are also practically insensitive to jolts — and therefore perfect for subnotebooks in mobile use. Prospero has overseen reviews on Laptopmag.

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The mouse buttons just below the space bar are easy to use with a nice travel distance, good smooth feedback, and no stiffness or annoying click noisiness. Software and accessories will be shipped separately and may have a different estimated ship date. This bids the well-known qualities and is very suitable even for heavy writers.

Lenovo fulfills all necessities of the business user of a compact and mobile notebook with the Thinkpad Xs. This lenvoo left up to the red trackpoint in the middle of the keyboard, anyway.

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Fortunately, you can dispose of cumbersome plugs on the sides due to the docking port. The case bids a maximum protection for the integrated hardware as well as the display.


At the end, even the solitary built in speaker delivered a very acceptable sound. This offers a lower overall system profile, more spacious keyboard and ability to more easily view two windows side-by-side. The omission of lenvo touchpad might be the lesser evil for Thinkpad-fanciers but for freshmen it may require a cumbersome accommodation time. Lenovo offers numerous variations 200w a mass storage.

A case-tray made of magnesium as well as carbon fibers and fiberglas are used in the area of the display lid. Products similar to ThinkPad Xs include: Some users that are familiar with a touchpad will take some time to adjust to the trackpoint, and potentially never get over the fact the 200s is touchpad-less.

The notebook has a single speaker in the front area on the bottom side. Solely high-tech materialssuch as a magnesium frame in the base unit or surface components made of carbon fibers and fiberglassare used.

ThinkPad Xs | Lenovo US

As well as the robust and Thinkpad typical metal hinges, The lneovo red trackpoint is situated in the center of the keyboard, as usual. The decrease of the brightness on the lateral edges of down to That’s about points below the X, which features a faster processor, but approximately points 200z than the category average, and about 20s higher than the X Tablet. Despite being a inch system, the spacious layout was conducive to an excellent typing experience.


While the SL is on paper a slower processor than the Core 2 Duo 2. The screen is protected by a lebovo and glass fiber frame, which is light and durable and, according to Lenovo, makes for better Wi-Fi reception.

Toshiba also offers an optical drive in their Everything else that a frequent traveler could want is here: Click to review important information regarding lenovo. A common hard disk with a capacity of gigabytes came to use in our test configuration. Of course, the speaker can’t keep up with high-quality speakers in the single multimedia notebooks; the offered soundscape is quite alright for a very compact business device in any case.

Lenovo ThinkPad Xs Review

Audio quality is what you’d expect from a business machine: We have the 9-cell cylindrical battery which causes the system weight to jump to about 3. We downloaded a high-definition trailer of Quantum of Solace and were impressed with the crisp images, deep blacks, and color balance.

HP EliteBook p 1. Email Name Comment Firstname. This needs considerably less space and lets itself be used comfortably with only one hand, too.

Under load in the BatteryEater Classic test, it came to an end short of 48 minutes.