Please help us spread the word. Single camera Main camera: I just received this phone for christmas, after having a samsung flip phone for 3 years and not having a single problem with it. After reading the previous reviews and seeing some complaints, I have to say that my phone has no complaints. Other than this problem it has been a great phone. In times like these when most of us have both an MP3 player and a phone stashed away in our pockets, we want to consolidate and start considering an all-in-one device.

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And though we were skeptical initially of any cell phone’s attempt at mimicking the iPodwe were pleased with the overall result.

LG Fusic Reviews

Best smartwatches this year. Anyone else have the same question? The bottom line is that Sprint’s mid-range Fusic provides users the luxuries of a good portable music player as well as a solid mobile phone. I can’t use my memory card, it just get’s really hot and freezes my phone when I try. fjsic

Its expandable memory, FM transmitter, Bluetooth stereo support, and EV-DO data are a few of the things that propel this phone into the “Recommended” category for me.

Phone can be plugged into power, but that at least partially defeats the whole purpose of the transmitter. I have had this phone for a few weeks now and it is a blast! When in standby mode, the left soft key opens a programmable Favorites menu of oft-used features. It also benefits from solid construction 4. The phone runs on the Other operating system OS.


I had my phone for over 3 years. Do not buy this phone.

Anyone else shed some light on this issue? There are also two soft keys, a camera fusif, and a dedicated speakerphone button–a nice touch. It even comes with a selection of faceplates in iPod-like colors such as blue, pink, and green.

LG Fusic LG550 – Black White (Sprint) Cellular Phone

Since they are set flush with ly phone, we had trouble dialing by feel. Previously, the best phone in this regard would be another LG phone, the on Verizon, which was a dream to browse around the web with.

I have Fusic problems. Great Phone Dan Brunet 14 Jan While LG isn’t particularly known for its ly design of its handsets, it has managed to gain a fsuic for making some rock solid hardware, and the FUSIC is no exception.

I tried entering a new contact and it took six tries before I could complete the task because it always allowed me to get so far and then go blank before I could save. The phone is powered by a Lithium Polymer Li-Pol battery.

LG Fusic User Reviews

Do not buy this piece of garbage! Originally attempted in the almost insultingly bad and compromised Motorola ROKR, a second generation of mp3 enabled phones is now rolling out in the States.

Although the LG Fusic is beautifully designed with innovative features, its performance is woefully deficient. The navigation array is also quite large, so users with big paws shouldn’t have a problem. Hopefully the problem can be solved with some servicing. I just got my new cell phone yesterday and for the life of me I p not figure out how to get the radio transmitter to work on my stereo.


Previously I had Fjsic Ericsson Ki with cingular and before that moto v3. While it is a standard practice among the carriers, it’s always a slap in the face when a company so blatantly disables a feature that should be a fair-use right of all users in order to protect carriers’ revenue streams.

I’ve worked in construction, as an arborist, and in a steel fabrication plant. Users can either download tracks over the air using Sprints music service or you can transfer songs from your computer to a Micro SD card and have whatever playlist you’d like. Now, how do I transmit? For a few songs that rely on heavy bass, the audio can suffer from some sloppiness that hinders the experience.

You can organize callers into groups or pair them with a picture called a waterdrop, for some reason or one of 24 polyphonic chord ring tones. Read your instruction book.