Alienware has cooperated with Klipsch to make the sound system. To what extent the energy saving ULV processor can keep up with one of the most favored standard Core i5’s, was one of the questions we asked with our CPU benchmarks. Speakers The sound system has been created by Alienware with co-operation from the american manufacturer Klipsch. The processor meanwhile reduced its clock speed from to MHz during our several hour stress test with the tools Furmark and Prime CPU throttling. Especially impressive is the battery life when subjected to a low load, minimal brightness, and maximum power saving; the Readers Test from Battery Eater ran for just under 13 hours. The neat and well put together case with its high quality materials, and the comprehensive illumination options.

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The system noise from the M11x R3 has made a good impression in an idle state. The meager base clock speed of 1. The main problem with the display in our opinion is the adopted reflective display cover.

GTA V on Alienware M11x R3 – video dailymotion

Our review sample came m11c a little more muted fashion: The clearly laid out and intuitive user interface allows the case illumination to be adjusted AlienFXas well as configuring the power options AlienFusionand the touchpad AlienTouch. Since this subnotebook is missing an optical drive, we had to resort to a video file avi, no HD on the hard drive for our movie test.

At videl same time the previous black level of 0. Although the tool CPU-Z described the processor as Core iUM, this description is no longer accurate since Intel has changed the naming scheme, and the processor is called Core iM meanwhile.


Review Alienware M11x R3 Gaming Notebook

Frequent typists and fast writers won’t necessarily ever become completely happy since frequent office tasks call for a keyboard with bigger or free standing keys chiclet design. Alienware has cooperated with Klipsch to make the sound system. Sadly, the SIM slot is still an empty promise: One indication that the processor plays a less important role with mid-range GPUs.

A comparable gaming performance can only otherwise be found starting in the 13 inch and upwards segment e. The maximum opening angle is convincing.

Review Alienware M11x R3 Gaming Notebook – Reviews

There are only two RAM slots. The SSD doesn’t only accelerate the boot process and general reaction time of the operating system, but also has a positive impact on the length of loading times and file transfers. Verdict Performance For its limited dimensions the M11x R3 has an astonishingly good performance. An energy efficient CPU of course, since a ‘normal’ processor would likely over-exert the cooling system. The cache availability also doesn’t need to be shy opposed to more powerful models with four MBytes of L3 cache, which is even bigger than some of the faster clocked Core i3 and i5 CPUs.

Continue to next page 01 When browsing the web with WLAN the subnotebook lasted 7.

We particularly liked the robust and pleasant rubbery soft-touch surfaces, which cover the bottom of the case, as well as the sides, and the display lid. It was only a question of time before Alienware created a Sandy-Bridge refresh of its Bad Company 2 Both of the loose mouse buttons meanwhile make a much less qualitative impression, and their operation is m11d spongy and undefined.


Keyboard The input devices left an altogether good impression. This subnotebook scores additional points with its good stability, with the m11xx of the display, the case is very rigid.

The system starts up and already operates relatively quickly in its delivered state, so that you can actually get started straight away after configuring Windows 7. The updated Spectre x inch convertible laptop adds terrific battery life and top-notch Thus there is a Kensington Lock, a DisplayPort, and an HDMI output on the left side towards the back, whereby the latter two support the operation of external monitors.

On the other hand, the palm resting area was not perfectly flush with the soft-touch surface on the right side, which caused a very sharp edge as a result. Several adaptable illuminated elements not only provide for fast orientation in the dark, but also look neat during the day. T3 is indeed astonishing how Alienware has once again managed to squeeze a gaming suitable graphics card into an 11 inch case.

Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted The 11 inch display is very reflective. Under a high load 3D application, PC game, etc.