Whenever you see this message, press the Delete key, and the Main menu page of the Setup Utility appears on your monitor. Front Panel Audio Connector This connector allows the user to install auxiliary front-oriented microphone and line-out ports for easier access. Power Management Setup Page This page sets up some parameters of system power management operation. If you are adding an infrared port, connect the ribbon cable from the port to the IR1 connector and then secure the port to an appropriate place in your system chassis. The second jack is for stereo LineOut signal. You need to follow the onscreen instructions, confirm commands and allow the computer to restart as few times as needed to complete installing whatever software you selected. It shows the bundled software that this motherboard supports.

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The board is a Micro ATX size motherboard.

The first jack is for stereo Line-In signal. Use this item to enable or disable the onboard floppy disk drive interface. Ensure the edge connector is correctly seated in the slot. An Auto Setup screen automatically pops out, and then you can go on the auto-installing or manual installation depending on your operating system.

Match the pin1 corner marked as the beveled edge on the CPU with the pin1 corner on the socket. The manufacturer makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents hereof and specifically disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.


Use the items below this one to set the date and time of the wake-up alarm.

Insert the CPU into the socket. Neither this manual, nor any gva the material contained herein, may be reproduced without the express written consent of the manufacturer. It can even stop your computer booting properly. Contact your motherboard vendor about those damages.

Install the edge connector of the expansion card into the slot. Use this item to enable or disable the ACPI feature.

PCCHIPS M863G – 5.1A – motherboard – micro ATX – AMD Duron 2200+ – Socket A – SiS741GX

Plug the bracket cable onto the USB2 connector. We recommend you to leave this item at the default value.

The second jack is for stereo LineOut signal. Please rest assured that our RD department has already vg and verified these drivers. You may need to clear the CMOS memory if the settings in the Setup Utility are incorrect that prevents your motherboard from operating. The Setup button runs the software auto-installing program as explained in next section. The ReadMe brings you to the Install Path where you can find out path names of software driver.

Remove a slot cover from one of the expansion slots on the system chassis. Vgga the device s and connect power from the system power supply.


Other names used in this publication may be trademarks and are acknowledged. The installation program loads and displays the following screen.

Additionally, some computer cases have USB ports at the front of the case. If you enable spread spectrum, it can significantly reduce the EMI ElectroMagnetic Interference generated by the system. Align the memory module with the socket. The system will automatically detect the type of installed CPU and make the appropriate adjustments to these items on this page. This will decrease the time needed to boot the system. Never connect power to the system during installation; otherwise, it may damage the motherboard.

The 2T setting requires faster memory that specifically supports this mode.

PC Chip MG M G Motherboard AMD socket A PCI Lan VGA USB Sound DDR RAM

If the Setup Utility configuration is incorrect, it may cause the system to malfunction. Use the Parallel port to connect printers or other parallel communications devices. If you suspect this motherboard has been damaged, do not connect power to the system.