BTW, brs on Amazon also provided a repair part number: Today’s tests will be carried out in the express format. The ML offers high quality printing that is perfect for individuals and companies with a tight budget. Here is what I wrote in one of my previous articles: Answered on Dec 06,

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Besides, extra expenses for extending internal memory do not threaten.

Samsung ML-1430 Standard Laser Printer

Great reliable little printer. Grasp the handle at the front of the cartridge and slide it down between the cartridge slots, and push it firmly. Above all else do not remove paper from the tray when you are printing since it will likely lead to a paper jam.

I wish that it had a USB port.

Answer questions, earn points and help others Answer questions. Answered on Apr 24, However, searching on Samsung for this part yielded nothing.

Well, the bitmapped graphics was never a strong side of laser printers of the low-end and middle-end sectors; nevertheless, at the maximum quality the result is satisfactory: Thank you for subscribing to the mailing list. Next using the graphic tab choose OFF from the Reprint drop-down function. Remove the two screws from the back panel and press the small tabs to pull the back panel off. It pulls in the metal tab that allows that pickup roller to spin.


Answered on Mar 01, Reassemble and test This repair took less than 20 minutes and I expect that it will last another two years of rather heavy usage.

Samsung ML Standard Laser Printer | eBay

More efficient than ink-jet. The disadvantage of such approach is that it’s impossible to print under the DOS and a lacking buffer for font storage.

The installation of drivers is as usual fast and simple: Printer’s driver for a certain MS Windows version converts this information into the printer’s internal language. Too bad Samsung took it off the market.

It is supposed to let the roller roll once, but if it gets dirty, it gets sticky,and this might be the problem you are facing.

This printer is faster than the ML with rates of 15 pages per minute. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Copies that are only three point fonts are also very clear.

July 25, 8: Answered on Jun 22, Prints without a hitch.


Answered on Dec 10, You need to remove that top assembly, so take note of how the roller fits into the black tie rod that actually turns the roller. Its biggest drawback is that it cannot be ungraded and cables must be purchased separately.

Besides, the gradient fill is also very good, actually like that of the ML BioShock Infinite and Metro: I buy it used whenever I can find it and I’m still using the original one I bought maybe 8 years ago. Here is our hero: Additional Product Features Media Type. It is easy to install.