Supports all popular Macintosh and Windows audio software. The Traveler supports up to four separate stereo monitor mixes assigned to any four digital or analog output pairs. Motu mk3 install problems install Are you installing the drivers before connection the unit to the computer, because that is what the manual tells you to do. MOTUs awardwinning hardware and software are used by top professionals every day on hit songs, mega tours, primetime shows and blockbuster films. Home Products motuaudio Traveler Traveler Overview.

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The Traveler is everything you need to turn your computer into a mobile bit, kHz digital audio workstation. Jotu output can supply a separate mix.

Windows Drivers

And this is without having a computer attached to the Traveler. The motj quality is excellent, and all sockets and controls have a nice solid feel. Traveler Front, Rear, and Side Panels 1. The front panel is made from the same alloy, and the controls have a good, solid feel to them.

Also supports four channels of 96kHz digital audio. Use this version if you are using Panther Timing is sample-accurate with supporting software.


Tsif any MIDI device, such as a controller keyboard, synth module, automated control surface or drum machine. CueMix Console provides Talkback and Listenback buttons. Supports all popular Macintosh and PC audio software. Stand-alone mixing The Traveler can function as a stand-alone digital mixer. Two mic pre-amps with switchable volt phantom power and front-panel trim controls.

Supports Mac OS X The Traveler is well designed and well executed, and anyone who is looking for a full-featured recording interface should definitely consider buying it. And the Oscar goes to Windows ME gsir, Windows Stand-alone operation – program your mixes at the studio and then bring the UltraLite to your gig.

Front panel headphone jack with independent volume control. This allows you to record, for example, your entire mix – including monitored inputs – back into the computer.

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You can even create separate monitor mixes for the main outs, headphones and other outputs. Version also contains maintenance firmware updates for the Traveler. ADAT sync port provides sample-accurate sync for compatible devices. The Traveler can function as a stand-alone digital mixer. This install provides compatibility updates for Tiger OSX There are so many ways to use these shortcuts and speed up your CueMix.


UltraLite Feature Summary

Need to tweak the mix? The Traveler includes a channel MIDI interface that provides sample-accurate timing with supporting software.

Connect a DAT machine or effects processor. For Talkback, you can set up a dedicated mic in your control room and connect it to a mic input on your Traveler. Family Guy composer Walter Murphy shares his process. The archive also contains additional documentation not found in the user manual for some product models. Bus power and extended battery operation Time to hit the road?

– UltraLite Feature Summary

Traveler users who do not have the version 1. Separate TRS main outs and front-panel headphone jack, each with independent volume control. Connect a MIDI keyboard, sound module or control surface, and you are ready to go.