Installing the Mainboard in a Case Most system cases have mounting brackets installed in the case, which correspond to the holes in the mainboard. This program should be executed under the following conditions: If this item is set to Max Saving, power-saving modes occur after a short timeout. If your mainboard has this jumper, change the setting to allow BIOS flashing. Your case and CPU might have cooling fans attached to provide adequate ventilation to the system.

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Installation Quick Installation Table This chapter explains how to successfully install the mainboard into a computer case and build a working system.

Matsonic MS7102C (MS7192SM) Free Driver Download

Follow the static guidelines given at the beginning of Chapter 2. This chapter guides you through the Setup Utility by providing clear explanations for all Setup Utility options.

Software The software for this mainboard is stored in the MSC folder.

Do not flex or stress circuit boards. There is also system monitor support, providing system feedback of voltage, temperature, and fan speed conditions. The manufacturer makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents hereof and specifically disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. Refer to the Frequency Control Option in Chapter 3 for more information.


This file may contain important information to sounx you install the software correctly. Return the jumper cap to the Normal operation setting. On This item defines if the keyboard Num Lock key is active when your system is started.

Remove the blanking ms7127v from the slot in the system case that corresponds to the expansion slot that you are going to use. Disabled When this item is enabled and the system crashes three times because Features The key features of this mainboard are the wide range of processors that can be installed, and the high level of integration.

MSC MATSONIC Motherboard Mainboard Driver Manual BIOS

Don’t show me this message again. To choose a processor, you need to consider the performance require- ments of the system and the price of the processor. Resources Controlled By Default: Ms712c you have connected the power supply and the cooling fans, connect the case switches and indicators to the PANEL1 connectors. Install the DIMM module into the slot and press it firmly down so that it seats correctly.

To install a password, follow these steps: This device may not cause harmful interference, and! We recom- mend that you leave the jumper on the normal operation setting. If your graphics display card does not support this feature, you need to disable this item.

If you are installing a new password, type in the password. Modern operating systems take care of much of the power management. Disabled Enable this item to allow the system to be resumed from a software powerdown or a power-saving mode by a keystroke on the keyboard.


If you typed the password correctly, the password will be installed. We recommend that you leave this item at the default value. Typematic Delay Msec Default: If the item is set to Instant-Off, then the power button causes a software power down.

Slund might need to run the Setup Utility and change the boot priority items on the Advanced BIOS Features Setup page, to force your computer sounf boot from the floppy diskette drive first.

Mainboard msc Installation Notes Refer to your operating system handbook for instructions on in- stalling Linux drivers. Use the second item Reserved Memory Length to set the amount of reserved memory.

If you are running Windows with Autoplay enabled, the opening screen of the Soynd appears automatically. Features highlights the functions and components that make this one of the best value mainboards on the market Checklist