Letterio Orazio rossi posted on March 20, Mode would not boot for a full 1. The comments on that blog post are shared to this page as well so comments on either page show up in both places. Michael posted on May 18, Really could use your thoughts on this.

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The fun part of 6. Simon posted on July 14, In addition, we invite programmers interested in working on the DOS kernel, drivers and software.

How to get the mouse to work in MS-DOS

If your computer is like 10 years, get a new one. Posted on Saturday, Sep 03 Is there something I need to do to make these floppies bootable or something before I copy the image over to them?

Anonymous Coward posted on April 7, I tried to install with them and windows won’t launch; a bunch of its executables are zero-length. WinWorld Abandonware posted on July 25, I hope it’s not abandoned!

Now I’m writing a similar set of programs that work with win ,ouse to win 8 and trying to get my previous stuff in text format. Thank you for this site. Noah kirsle posted on November 27, Okay, so the install of Windows 3.

The good old days, the days before internet gotta love bbs simple modems logging into bulletin board systems searching for files like mod music and trackers even games like betrayal at krondor and the early Warcraft series those were the days now days you don’t see real games on shelves anymore now you must use that crazy arse steam to pay play bugger that!!!


This page is available in German language too This not updated for years I have never been allowed to properly install windows from scratch well, I did do a reinstall of XP but that’s different but now I can expirence what it was like to install from DOS from scratch, thanks thanks so so sos sooooooo MUCH!

If you’re on Windows, WinImage is the software that comes up when I google this.


If you respond, you will calm my nerves lol. Johan posted on October 1, OK, so I fixed both the display driver issue and the CD driver issue, but now, when I have finally installed the game I’m doing all this for, I get a prompt that says “System Error Cannot read from drive D. Sure, the PCs today are better but not faster for the work I was doing. Of course, there were many 16 bit programs that would not run on a 32 bit windows, but you won’t need a virtual box all the time for many apps.


Jack posted on May 10, The operating systems here are distributed as floppy disk image files with an. I still have my floppy’s for First Choice that i have been attempting to install into my xp, but of course i am having problems.

MS-DOS & Software

So that shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks in advance claude.

6.2 posted on August 16, Anonymous posted on August 29, I would very much appreciate it so m if someone could please tell me step by step how I can install this using the links on this web page? James posted on January 25, Please could someone be kind enough to explain to me how I could install this version of Windows on my Moues, or maybe I could install it on another old PC I could get my hands to avoid losing data on my lovely new PC.

This brought msdoss a lot of good memories. Thanks a lot kirsle. If anybody’s looking for software to load up on this for the full effect we have a large library of this over at WinWorld.