It is pretty much impossible to send it to the USA for me from the middle east. It would really help to talk to an employee that could help with matters like these. This is all well and good for media resolutions and display technologies, but the next generation high definition format on the horizon is going to require much more if certain companies get their way. That is when i knew i had a hardware problem. After a while i started noticing some weird pixels at he very opening screen of the PC when the ram gets tested and everything before it starts windows. Selling like Hotcakes Selling like Hotcakes It seems a bit unusual to use the phrase, “selling like hotcakes” to describe a newly launched, high-end graphics card because most of the time, the prices slapped on these powerful cards are an effective deterrent to many.

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Since time is short and we have such a massive amount to test this article will be a tad different than our usual articles, for that my apologies. If this grforce work i think i gotta save for an GTS now which ill probably get in the summer: It is pretty much impossible to send it to the USA for me from the middle east.

GeForce 7900 GT/GTO

Something to keep in mind since manufacturers are starting to play with core and memory clock speeds in an effort to differentiate their products. The following error or errors occurred while this message: Alright thanks for the replies.

But ya of coarse am not gonna tell them. We’ll have to wait until the benchmarks have had a chance to speak before we decide for ourselves of course.


If you have lost count, here’s the summary of items found:.

The pc is an HP n media center. Hit the next page please where we’ll start up this extensive article. You can even run Geforcee without the bridge connector although that decreases performance slightly. 7900gf the serial of the product should show that it is still under warranty.

On Tuesday two days before the launch the entire new product line should be in our office. Mainstream and higher end graphics cards support a whole range of output options from composite to component. Before we find out if these extras do make the MSI a better product, here are its specifications: If the anecdotes that we noticed in hardware forums are any indication, this isn’t a unique situation.

HDCP or High bandwidth Digital Content Protection is a hardware digital rights management tool developed by Intel to protect high definition video and audio content during transmission from the player to the screen, in whatever form those two devices may take. The movie industry has already conceded piracy of DVD movies but it’s doing its best to make sure it doesn’t happen with High Definition videos.

A friend’s Geforce4 Ti and a of another friend ended their life like this.

All you can do is rely on Taiwan to help it seems and hope they are generous since there are no msi employees here to help pull strings. But i started to get strange texture spikes and tears in various games including Fear and WoW after 4 months. The bundle isn’t as extravagant as some of MSI’s older high-end cards, but there is a fairly decent selection of cables nitpick: Based on what we have seen, getting it to run at the maximum D.


Drivers | GeForce

About Us Employment Privacy Policy. With that being said, allow me to startup this review by talking you through what exactly the new product line entails, the technology, its prices, power consumption, a nice photo shoot, benchmarks, overclocking and of course a verdict on this lovely Brady bunch of products.

After all i did pay for a product that became defective in the warranty period. Everything is kept 7900gg by the 40mm heatsink fan. Gefkrce who am I kidding this can’t be a short article at all, I won’t have any sleep this week will I? If anyone can help me in this issue and pull some strings around I would be very glad.

This may be hard to do but it is the best bet of determining if the card is bad. The reference design opts for a small cooler bolstered by a copper heatsink with aluminum fins, making it a one-slot solution that should delight those intending to get two for a SLI setup. You may also be interested in And i live in Israel.

Essentially what this means for consumers is that we’ll all need to have HDCP compatible components player, TV, videocard, etc.