I can’t tell you how many software vendors had to totally revise their development schedules when Apple decided to ship Intel machines a full 6 months early. Newer Topic Older Topic. His site does promise a new upgrade, but that’s been over a year ago. Since the and the are nearly the same, I wonder if there’s some way to get the LCC to recognize it as a I’m curious to hear from the original poster.

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How do one adjust button settings for Logitech MX518?

But Logitech has to decide how much of its resources to apply where to get the best return. Apr 3, 9: That’s no longer available.

Posted on Apr 2, 3: I’ve always used Logitech Control Center with my Logitech mice. Apr 2, 4: Discussion in ‘ Apple Products ‘ started by OctaveNov 10, Nov 11, 8. Anyone wanna write me a device driver.

Posted on Apr 2, 7: Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Nov 11, 7. Smoke Thanks for your answers, guys.


Smoke Sorry, I had the wrong model. So i unplug and replug and it works again well, except for 1 Anyone know how to fix either of these probs without getting mc518 different mouse?

MX + OSX | [H]ard|Forum

Yes, my password is: Many people think that hardware and software developers have their hands on advance releases of everything Apple puts out, but unfortunately it’s just not so.

OctaveNov 12, Just as well, since Logitech don’t seem anywhere near as Mac-friendly as Kensington! Nov 10, 1. Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. I’m using one on my MacBook Pro. Thankfully, someone else with more coding talent than me came up with PatchBurn to solve this very problem.

I use USB overdrive, the only downside is it turns the speed adjustment buttons into regular buttons, though I’ve adjusted by turning them into volume controls. Sorry, only registered users may post in this forum. If you love a good mouse, but were stymied by how many of them seemed to be PC only, my guess is that any mouse will now work with SteerMouse. CreativeMacNov 11, I second the recommendation. All other copyrights are property of their respective holders.


MX on Mac | MacRumors Forums

However, if kx518 point is that the MX would be a better mouse for him than the MX, I could buy into that to the degree that he was not looking for some of the game-specific features found only in the latter. Oops Edited 1 time s. Nov 10, 3.

A single motivated person with coding talent and unlimited time will oos be able to fix a single problem for a single product faster than a team who has to support many problems over many products with limited time. User profile for user: Ideally I wanted a good wired mouse.