After trying some suggestions about turning off compositing, I finally discovered how to do it so it stays off. The ‘xvattr’ command can be used to solve the problem:. To install the driver simply install the mesa-vdpau-drivers package. Mystica mystica wrote on Wikipedia has an article on: Sat Nov 5

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Wikipedia has an article on: This problem appears to have been resolved in recent combinations of video card, Xorg, nVidia driver and MythTV e. You need to log in to myfhbuntu this bug’s status. The majority of the rest of the work should be handled by debian packaging.


If your distribution does not ship the driver, or you have other reasons to install the latest driver from NVidia, everything you need to get this working you will find in the README file from the driver; read the chapter Configuring TV-Out.

Be sure to take note of that password as you will need it the first time you start the frontend. Gdmsetup is used to configure an automatic login for your main user name in this case superm1 as well as a time delayed login if you logout. This list is dependent on the driver version. This bug affects 5 people.


Next, add yourself and any other users that need MythTV acces to the mythtv group. The first time mythtv starts, it will ask you to connect to your backend. Open a terminal and type in gksu gedit. Reports on i content are of greatest interest for deinterlacers. With some versions of Ubuntu, including at least the Ubuntu Two known issues exist:.

Just click on the link for the relevant chipset to see the details. When Given a list of sessions, choose Openbox. Specifically, this means H.

As an example, here is Appendix A from version If you are running an earlier version of Ubuntu, or a flavor of Ubuntu that does not use the Unity desktop, including Mythbuntu, the installation mythbunth the drivers from the repository may not work.

Is there a way to fix this? This may be done in various ways depending on your Linux distribution need more distribution-specific information on this item!

MythTV/Install/Server/Frontend – Community Help Wiki

Views Read View source View history. Apparently the only solution at the moment is to downgrade to the previous driver version Install the frontend software. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The short version, is that you have to switch to a non-graphical run level run-level 3 in Fedora and run the installer package the ‘.


Support started with version Also, closing the Mythbuntu task as it’s no longer being developed. Got this to work this weekend on Ubuntu 9. Right click the desktop and choose “Terminal Emulator”.

This appears to be a known problem when using interlaced modelines and nVidia’s implementation of the XVideo extension.

Either change the TVStandard see above vnidia match the frequency, or change the frequency to match the video standard. Login as the user created at installation, NOT mythtv. Note this only works for Mythtv or for a desktop where you don’t need or want compositing, and uses nvidia as far as I know.

The outputs listed in the chart represent the type of outputs typically found on a given product line. Stephen Worthington stephen-jsw wrote on